Ambassador One



Attention Ambassador Residents

There was a theft of two bikes in the bike room recently. It is unclear how the bikes were stolen, but both bikes were unlocked in the bike room.  In order to enhance the security of this room the board has decided to do the following:

-Change out the lock so that there is no way of leaving the lock on the knob in the open position.

-Place a latch guard on the door to prevent prying

-Change out the keys.  The keys will be numbered and are non-duplicable.

-Please continue to lock your bike up in the room, the bikes that were stolen were not locked up.

Additionally, there are a good number of bikes that appear to have been stored for a long while—potentially abandoned bikes-- taking up space from other residents who are on a waiting list.

I am available to distribute the new keys at your request.  You may text/call me at 206-399-3262.  Email me at  Or simply catch me while I’m around the building.

The lock will be changed out at the end of the next week May 1st. At this time, all bikes that have not been claimed by re-issue of a new bike key will be stored in a separate room for a period of time to be determined by the board.  If the bike is not claimed, it will be donated to charity.


Attention residents

Do you have a bicycle in the bike storage room?

Now would be a good time to re-register by getting a shiny new key to a much more secure room.

The remaining bikes which have so far been unaccounted for are either sitting un-hung in the corner of the room or locked to hooks.   Unclaimed bikes with locks will be clipped on June 1st and removed to a secondary storage room to be donated at a later date.  

Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Lisa Lightner

Landlords please forward to your tenants.