Old News

Ambassador I


Hello folks, we have a new Building Manager (Lisa Lightner) effective Monday April 14. Attached is her contact information and photo. Lisa will be working in the building about 2 hours per day, Monday - Friday. Her situation is that she lives nearby, and has other client buildings nearby. She is usually available by phone, and can usually respond to the building within 15 minutes. Please do not abuse this situation. Non-emergency issues or assistance should be scheduled with her. She carries a smartphone and prefers contact by e-mail or text, so as to not interrupt her other obligations.
She is available 24/7/365 for emergencies, and the backups (Board of Directors) are listed on the bulletin board near the mailboxes, with contact phone numbers. We will schedule a designated backup when she is on vacation. (Always phone 911 for police or fire emergencies!)
She can sometimes be available for assistance on weekends, but that rate is at time and a half, and for non-emergency issues will be charged back to the homeowner.
Please welcome Lisa to the building, and if you see her in the hallways, please introduce yourself and get acquainted.
Offsite owners, please forward this information to your tenants.


Notice to Homeowners and Residents

Food and Yard Waste collection is now available to Ambassador I residents. The container is located southeast of the bicycle room, next to the large planter and just inside the fence. Pick up is once a week on Thursday. The bin goes out early on Thursday mornings and is put in the garage by the alley gate. After pickup it is returned to inside the alley fence.  Food waste needs to be collected in bio bags which come in several brands and can be purchased at most grocery or hardware stores, Costco and Amazon. Regular plastic bags or black plastic bags must not be placed in the food waste bin.  Composting helps keep our garbage costs lower and it is good for the environment. For more details of what can be placed in the food and yard waste bin, go to the City's webpage at: www.seattle.gov/util/foodwaste